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Follow antiques dealer Gregory Bickford and collector Claudia Chan Shaw as they reveal the intriguing stories behind rare treasures and curious collectables around Australia.

Antiques DownUnder is a new ten-part television series that showcases Australia’s collecting history.

Everyone loves the story behind an item. Where it came from, what or whom it was made for, its value and its journey through life. The Antiques DownUnder team will be visiting some incredible and quirky collections around the country. Anywhere from an historic building to a back-yard shed; they’ll be talking to the experts, the custodians and some rather eccentric collectors. 

They explore amazing objects that have found their way Down Under or been made locally. From European treasures, homegrown ephemera and Chinese relics; to vintage cars, ceramics, jewellery from the Australian goldfields, vintage fashion and more. 

Join Gregory and Claudia on an inspiring antiques treasure hunt. 

Fridays at 7:30 on 9Gem.

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