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The intriguing stories behind rare treasures and curious collectables are revealed on Antiques DownUnder Fridays at 7.30pm on 9Gem and 9Now.


Everyone loves the story behind an interesting old item. Where it came from, why it was made, its value and its journey through life.


In this new ten-part series, antiques dealer Gregory Bickford and collector Claudia Chan Shaw, alongside the Antiques DownUnder team, will visit incredible and quirky collections around the country. From private collections, historic homes and backyard sheds to the best museums and galleries, they’ll be talking to the experts, the custodians, and the passionate collectors.


Why do we collect things? Because collectors are always in search of their own elusive holy grail. Claudia and Gregory’s collecting tastes are worlds apart, but they share an appetite for the history behind treasured possessions and present those stories in this series with warmth and enthusiasm.


Gregory Bickford is an antiques expert inspired especially by Australian history. His own collections include an eclectic mix of early Australian and European works, French porcelain dating from the 1750s, as well as prized Russian and German pieces. As an antiques dealer for 40 years, Gregory gains access to amazing rarities and makes some fascinating discoveries.


Television presenter and fashion designer Claudia Chan Shaw has an obsession for tin toys and robots firmly planted in the 20th century. Her quirky collection includes Japanese pieces from the 1950s, wind-up tin animals, and mechanical acrobats. She puts her fixation on robots and space toys down to watching Lost in Space on TV as a child.


Join Gregory Bickford and Claudia Chan Shaw on an inspiring antiques treasure hunt, and be inspired to start your very own collection.

Regular segments include:


A close look at a collection and the enthusiast who created it


Can you guess?


Each program viewers are asked to join in the fun in the What is it? segment. Can you identify the mystery object? We’d love to hear your suggestions. Post your answer on Antiques DownUnder Facebook and Instagram pages.


Find out the answer next time on Antiques DownUnder when the baffling object is revealed.


A visit to a heritage site, such as a museum, theatre or other public collection, to gain insights into what can be seen, and the people who curate these items for current and future generations.




Gregory Bickford is an antiques dealer and an expert who is inspired by Australian history. This passion has taken Gregory all over the world, buying and selling antiques for himself and others. In recent years he has been the event convenor for the Strathalbyn Antique Fair, Adelaide Antique Fair, and Collectacon (a collectables fair).

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Claudia enjoys a diverse career as a TV and radio presenter, curator, designer,
arts commentator, author, and public speaker. Inspired by objects of the past, and in particular Art Deco design, Claudia is an avid collector.


Specialists and their passions

Lee Bradshaw discusses a Bow Porcelain lion, made C1750.



Lee has been dealing in antique ceramics for over 10 years, and has extensive experience in pottery, porcelain, and glass.


Gregory Bickford
Executive Producer
Antiques DownUnder Productions

+61 400 668 370

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